How to Find the Right Design Partner

Whether you’re a budding solo entrepreneur or a Fortune 50 product manager, it can be extremely time-consuming to identify, vet, and select a design partner for your new product.

Even sophisticated technology companies find it challenging to properly evaluate design services providers for their electronic product development projects. 

We help companies identify potential partners based on technologies, project descriptions, timelines, and budgets.

It’s our mission to provide the right introductions to reputable design services providers with the necessary skills and experience to develop your product.

BTW – There are no fees for our service.


Because over our decades of experience we’ve seen too many innovative products never reach the market due to budget overruns, blown timelines,  technical ineptitude, and mismatched expectations.


Foster Relationships with Technical Salespeople for Design Success

We’ve all been there. With a Zen-like focus you are meticulously setting up a sensitive test apparatus, inspecting a crash dump caused by stack corruption, double-checking a 50 tabbed cross-linked spreadsheet to find an inconsistency, or analyzing multi-variate simulation results. Then… RING! DING! BING! An interruption. Another annoying call, text, or email alert from a …

Minimize Launch Risk for New Electronic Products with Rapid Prototyping

Launching New Electronic Products Rapid prototyping services are typically used only during development, but there are good reasons to consider them for early production as well. For new electronic products that are just being introduced to the market without an established order history, it can be daunting to forecast the initial order quantities and the …